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Treger Iulii Rehabilitation therapist
Work experience: 22 years
Treger Iulii


Fellow of Rehabilitation commission of Ministry of Health of Israel

During his longstanding career Terger uses unique and complex rehabilitation methods that together with modern technologies and traditions of Israeli medicine give a great result: they return the joy of movement, speech, ability of routine self-service and work and wellbeing to the patients.

Iulii Treger is also a professor at medical faculty at Tel-Aviv University.

In 2004 Treger got a prestigious Goldin award — society of physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine.

The doctor takes actively part in work of prominent professional communities: Israeli communities of sports and beauty medicine, Israeli association of heads of hospitals, international organization «Doctors against terror», international association of physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine and others.

«Rehabilitation is necessary in almost any cases of organism functional disorders, especially neurological, traumatic and other injuries that seriously worsen the quality of life» — claims Iulii Treger.

Treger Iulii

Rehabilitation therapist
Work experience: 22 years


  • Rehabilitation of customers after insultus
  • Rehabilitation of customers after vertebral column injuries, craniocerebral injuries
  • Rehabilitation of customers after injuries to extremities

Work experience

  • 2005
    Assistant director at Levinstein clinic in Ra’anana


  • 1988
    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Professional improvement

  • 2000
    Traineeship in the sphere of orthopedic rehabilitation, USA
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