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Shekhter Iakov Oncologist, professor
Shekhter Iakov

Shekhter Iakov

Oncologist, professor
Working hours: Reception is conducted by appointment from 9:00 to 18:00


  • Clinical oncology,
  • Early screening of skin malignant tumors,
  • Radiological therapy of skin oncological tumors,
  • Target therapy application,
  • Melanocytoma treatment and other types of skin cancer.


Iakov Shekhter is one of the most respected doctors in the world. He is from Israel and focused on malignant melanoma and skin cancer treatment. He is justly considered to be the best in the world in treating such oncology and last year he was the most discussed oncologist in the world. He is the one who was one of the authors and key specialist in development of revolutionary medicine «Keytruda» which helps to treat malignant melanoma, lung cancer and other malignant tumor successfully. Professor Shekhter consults our patients and you also can ask him for an alternative opinion on your problem.

Nowadays the professor focuses his efforts on a matter of malignant melanoma treatment that was just recently incurable, but now many patients have a real chance for recovery.

Shekhter founded an institute for the study and treatment of melanoma «Ella» at Shiba Medical Center where people with any stage of disease can get help including those ones who have widespread metastases. The true rescue for them is immunotherapeutic procedure with monoclonal antibodies used by Shekhter. Exactly in this institute absolutely unique malignant melanoma treatment methods are developed. In addition to that the institute is in close cooperation with serious world medical centers that deal with the same issues.

Professor Shekhter practices comprehensive approach while treating patients that includes competent diagnostics especially for high-risk group patients and combination of different advanced treatment methods. It can be a combination of surgery and immunotherapeutic procedure, radiation and drug therapy etc. He developed absolutely new experimental methods for patients with widespread metastatic melanoma.


  • Melanocytoma control community (Israel),
  • European organization for research and treatment on cancer,
  • Oncologists and radiation oncologists community of Israel,
  • Biotherapy international community

Published works

  1. Professor Iakov Shekhter is the author of more than 57 scientific publications, dedicated to issues and problems of melanocytoma treatment.
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Work experience

  • 2016
    Practitioner oncologist at NewMed Center.
  • 2018
    Professor the University of Jerusalem.
  • 2018
    Head of “Ella” medical research center.
  • 2018
    Deputy Director of oncological department at Chaim Sheba Medical Center.


  • 1985
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel, Jerusalem).
  • 1990
    Residency training at Rabin Medical Center (“Beilinson”), qualification “Clinical oncology and radiotherapy”
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