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Wagner Ralph Vertebrologist, neurosurgeon
Work experience: 18 years
Wagner Ralph

Wagner Ralph

Vertebrologist, neurosurgeon
Work experience: 18 years


  • Nucleoplasty
  • Spondylosyndesis
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Disks replacement
  • Tumours removal
  • Microdiskectomy
  • Assistance with scoliosis, kyphosis and spinal stenosis
  • Blocks


Ralph Wagner performs operations in case of any pathologies using open or endoscopical and microsurgical method. He is the one who began using endoscopical system Fast Track in treating lumbar spine hernias. Professor successfully practices (now in Moscow) absolutely advanced safe and effective surgical methodology using Tessys and Cessys (Joimax) systems that allows to remove intervertebral hernia endoscopically using video assistance. Such operation is minimally invasive, well tolerated and allows to remove hernia carefully without any adverse effects, remove pains and return a patient to an active life in short terms. The very next day after the operation patient can go home. Surgical stitch is of the minimal length — no more than 1 sm. The price of such operation, in fact procedure, is three times lower than across the West.

Under professor’s belt there are more than 600 operations in cases of very difficult spine problems. Amid microinvasive procedures he performed more than 2 thousand surgical interventions in the whole.

The professor conducts classes on miniinvasive surgery at Mainz University Hospital. He is an honored lecturer of Italian Association of Cervical Spine Diseases, he developed and conducts an educational course on acute back diseases surgery, he is the head of educational program of Spinal Surgeons Society Joimax.


Professor Ralph Wagner is world famous in the field of vertebrology and orthopedics. That high-class physician from Germany established medical examination institute in Munich and vertebral column therapy center in Frankfurt.

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