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Khaikin Marat Surgeon
Khaikin Marat

Khaikin Marat

Working hours: Reception is conducted by appointment from 9:00 to 18:00


  • Current types of proctological and abdominal maneuvers, from minimally invasive, using advanced laparoscopic equipment, to complex procedures on large and straight intestine,
  • Exsection using vaginal access (without discissions),
  • Surgery using robotic assistance,
  • Operations for malignant tumors with constrictor retention,
  • Transanal maneuvers using the most advanced TAMIS technique,
  • Endoscopic exsection of polyps and nonmalignant intestine lumps.


Khaikin regularly takes part and gives masterclasses, lectures and conducts educational courses on endoscopy and advanced minimally invasive surgery in different countries of the world, including Russia. The doctor got many times the title of the best professor. In addition to practical activity he deals with active scientific work, he is a member of serious medical associations of Israel and the USA.

Khaikin says that the opportunities of modern medicine allow performing any surgical intervention using just little laparoscopic holes causing minimal damage to patient’s organism and significantly shortening and simplifying rehabilitation period and returning patient to his routine way of life. Moreover minimal injury can even make the result of the operation better (for example in case of cancer) comparing to the results of open-type surgery.


Marat Khaikin is one of the best experts in colorectal surgery in Israel. The doctor was the first in his country carried out an operation on rectal cancer removal using laparoscopy through omphalus (SILS).

He is the only israelitish specialist carrying out transanal maneuvers using the most advanced TAMIS technique, which are much more preferable and easier for customers than traditional operations in this field.

Work experience

  • 2005
    Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer
  • 2008
    Cleveland, Clinic of colorectal surgery and proctology

Professional improvement

  • 2012
    “Operations with a use of Da Vinci Surgical System”, Strasbourg, France.
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