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Malakhov Igor Iurevich Neurosurgeon
Work experience: 23 years

Malakhov Igor Iurevich

Work experience: 23 years


  • Diagnosis and treatment of rare pain syndromes, genital nerve neuropathy, chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Large experience in diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain syndromes
  • Use of blocks, including intraosseous blocks with ultrasound navigation
  • Treatment of bruxism, headache and spasticity with botulinum toxin, toxin injection under ultrasound control
  • Treatment of paresis and mimetic paralysis
  • Recovery and treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury
  • Conservative treatment and surgery for diskal hernia, listhesis, spinal canal stenosis
  • Treatment of spinal tumors (hemangiomas, neurinomas, meningiomas)
  • Therapy after spinal injuries


Doctor Malakhov Igor Iurevich performs subcutaneous operations on spine.


  • 1994
    S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy
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