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Chesnulis Evaldas Neurological surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, professor
Chesnulis Evaldas
English, French, German, Lithuanian, Russian
English, French, German, Lithuanian, Russian

Chesnulis Evaldas

Neurological surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, professor
Working hours: Reception is conducted by appointment from 9:00 to 18:00


  • Microsurgical tumors treatment of brain and spinal cord
  • Brain vessels anomalies in customers of all ages
  • Surgical treatment of tumors and peripheral vascular diseases of brain and spinal cord, including complex surgery of brain base
  • Vertebral column diseases treatment
  • Customers after insultus treatment


Since 2007 Dr. Chesnulis has been teaching, organizing practice courses and seminars for students of Zurich University.

In 2010 he was awarded with a title of Honorary Professor of Kuban State Medical University in Russia for his contribution to practical modern microsurgical methods of brain surgery.

Since 2011 Dr. Evaldas Chesnulis has been being a lecturer of Educational and Training Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgeons.

In addition to surgical interventions performed in Zurich Dr. Evaldas Chesnulis is an adviser and surgeon in extremely difficult operations on brain and spine in different clinics of Austria, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Libya, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Syria, Ukraine and others.


2500 hardest operations on brain and spinal cord were successfully carried out by doctor Chesnulis, over the years of practical activity.

  • Fellow of Swiss neurological surgeons community
  • Fellow of International community of intraoperative visualization
  • Fellow of International community for minimally invasive surgery of vertebral column
  • Fellow of British neurological surgeons community
  • Fellow of Russian neurological surgeons community
  • Fellow of Lithuanian neurological surgeons community

Work experience

  • 1999
    Vilnius University Hospital
  • 2005
    Chief Doctor at neurosurgical clinic of Zurich University Hospital
  • 2007
    Chief Doctor at neurotraumatology department of University Hospital
  • 2009
    Began practicing in Zurich, partner at Hirslanden Neurosurgical Center in Zurich


  • 1996
    Vilnius Medical University

Professional improvement

  • 2004
    Swiss license in sphere of neurosurgery
  • 2009
    Diploma in sphere of neurosurgery from European Association of Neurosurgical Communities: the highest recognition of professional competence in the European Union
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