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Dear Friends! My name is Oleg Iurevich Serebrianskii I am the Chief Doctor of Clinic Medicine 24/7.

The most valuable part of any medical facilities is its collective. These are doctors, consultants, nurses, aides and administrators. Each of them makes their essential and invaluable contribution to restore health and prolong lives of patients.

Aside from medical quality itself, there is also service quality, which you evaluate at every stage: from contact center member and reception to executive director. This aspect contributes from 30 to 50% of patient’s satisfaction with their medical care.

Constant monitoring of Clinic Medicine 24/7 service level is one of the top priorities of its entire collective.

By entrusting your health to our specialists you can be sure that:

  • Be assured — here at Clinic Medicine 24/7 we know our trade. We are extremely thorough and responsible when selecting personnel — we have no randomly selected or inexperienced workers. Every worker at their workplace is a certified, licensed professional.
  • Clinic Medicine 24/7 collective is a team of like-minded professionals, highly skilled medical and non-medical personnel with many years of work experience. The Medicine 24/7 team is a constantly improving mechanism, in which both implementation of new technologies and expansion of material basis take place.
  • Interdisciplinary approach is extremely important in achieving treatment results — it can only be achieved through coordinated work of all specialists: attending doctor, head of department, Deputy Chief Doctor in clinical care, consulting doctors and Chief Doctor of Clinic Medicine 24/7. To support the quality of treatment, we have developed our own system of transparent quality control.
Akhov Andemir Olegovich
Akhov Andemir Olegovich Traumatologist-orthopedist, oncologist
Barskaia Svetlana Dmitrievna
Barskaia Svetlana Dmitrievna Head of the Ultrasound Diagnostics Department, Doctor of Ultrasound Diagnostics
Bazin Igor Sergeevich
Bazin Igor Sergeevich Doctor of Medical Science
Bokin Ivan Igorevich
Bokin Ivan Igorevich Oncologist, Gynecologist, Surgeon, Candidate of Medical Sciences
Chesnulis Evaldas
Chesnulis Evaldas Neurological surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, professor
Dmitriev Sergei Viktorovich
Dmitriev Sergei Viktorovich Urologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences
Ibragimov Elkhan Kiamranovich
Ibragimov Elkhan Kiamranovich Oncologist, chemotherapist
Gan Tsziunda
Gan Tsziunda Neurologist, Reflexologist, Candidate of Medical Science
Gordeev Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Gordeev Aleksandr Nikolaevich Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Candidate of Medical Science
Grishina Irina Markovna
Grishina Irina Markovna Oncologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences
Gutman Haim
Gutman Haim Oncologist, Surgeon, Professor
Gutnik Vadim Valerevich
Gutnik Vadim Valerevich Oncologist, Chemotherapist
Iliulina Natalia Viktorovna
Iliulina Natalia Viktorovna Exercise Therapy Instruction Coordinator
Ivanov Anton Aleksandrovich
Ivanov Anton Aleksandrovich Deputy Chief Doctor in treatment work, doctor-oncologist, Candidate of Medical Science
Kamyshev Lev Gennadevich
Kamyshev Lev Gennadevich Chiropractic, neurologist
Khailenko Denis Viktorovich
Khailenko Denis Viktorovich Oncologist, surgeon, candidate of medical science
Khrenov Kirill Vladimirovich
Khrenov Kirill Vladimirovich Therapist, massage therapist
Merimskii Ofer
Merimskii Ofer Oncologist, professor
Nagibina Margarita Vasilevna
Nagibina Margarita Vasilevna Infectiologist, candidate of medical science
Ovchinnikov Roman Sergeevich
Ovchinnikov Roman Sergeevich Doctor, cardiovascular surgeon, candidate of medical science
Pashkov Oleg Vitalevich
Pashkov Oleg Vitalevich Deputy Chief Physician for Clinical and Expert Work, Neurologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences
Pavlov Ruslan Evgenevich
Pavlov Ruslan Evgenevich Head of anaesthesiology and reanimation department, anesthesiologist-reanimatologist, transfusiologist, nephrologist, candidate of medical science
Romanov Ilia Stanislavovich
Romanov Ilia Stanislavovich Oncologist, surgeon, Doctor of Medical Science
Sechko Evgenii Leonidovich
Sechko Evgenii Leonidovich Anesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Sergeev Petr Sergeevich
Sergeev Petr Sergeevich Head of oncology department, oncologist, surgeon, candidate of medical science
Severtsev Aleksei Nikolaevich
Severtsev Aleksei Nikolaevich Surgeon, candidate of medical science, professor
Shekhter Iakov
Shekhter Iakov Oncologist, professor
Taphintseva Ekaterina Anatolevna
Taphintseva Ekaterina Anatolevna Inpatient facility manager, Therapist
Tertichnaia Anna Nikolaevna
Tertichnaia Anna Nikolaevna Ultrasound specialist
Treger Iulii
Treger Iulii Rehabilitation therapist
Wagner Ralph
Wagner Ralph Vertebrologist, neurosurgeon