Oncology and Surgery Center

20 years

For 20 years we have been helping cancer patients

2500 patients

every year we extend the life of 2500 patients

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if cancer treatment gives no result

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if you have been denied the operation in a public clinic

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if you have been denied further chemotherapy

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if you have been transferred to supervision of an oncologist at the place of residence

Progressive approach to oncological diseases treatment

Do not delay requesting assistance. The diagnosis of cancer requires immediate therapy initiation.

We accept patients with oncology stage I, II, III, IV around the clock, seven days a week, including public days off and holidays.

The inpatient facility has 39 wards + 7 intensive care wards. Hospital admission is possible at any time without a queue. For availability of free wards, call the Medicine 24/7 hotline: +7 (495) 230 00 01

The inpatient facility carries out urgent diagnostics and development of a comprehensive treatment plan with involvement of Israeli physicians for consulting. From hospitalization to a treatment plan in 10 days.

01 Help promptly

One of the most important criteria for choosing a clinic is the preparedness to accept a patient and start treatment 24/7. We are sure that this is the only right way for a true oncology clinic to work. As soon as the growth of malignant neoplasms is detected, treatment shall be initiated immediately.

02 Follow the best practices

The clinic activities are is based on evidentiary medicine principles. This means that at all stages of interaction with the patient, from diagnosis to treatment strategy, we use only methods with proven efficacy and safety.

03 Help professionally

The average hospital experience of the clinic’s physicians is 22 years. 32 physicians have a degree of Candidate of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine. We have 236 scientific publications in the field of oncology. Each year, the experts of the surgical department perform 2,853 interventions.

The most affordable prices!

Find out the cost of cancer treatment in other Moscow clinics! Free consultation 24/4

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Our services

Everything necessary for cancer treatment at any stage. Request assistance now! We will help you!

Diagnostic capabilities of the Center:

  • radiography, CT, MRI
  • fine and core needle biopsy under control of ultrasound and CT navigation
  • Examination of the liver, kidneys, adrenals, spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestine, abdominal and retroperitoneal lymph nodes, urinary bladder
  • Comprehensive diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system
  • Endoscopic examinations: colonoscopy, bronchoscopy

Surgery department:

  • combined treatment of bone tumors and endoprosthetics
  • treatment of metastatic lesions of the liver and bones
  • with simultaneous prosthetics
  • thoracic and laparoscopic operative interventions for intestinal, gastric, uterine and ovarian cancer
  • interventional surgery

Performance of chemotherapy:

  • immunotherapy using the drugs Nivolumabum (Opdivo) and Pembrolizumab (Keytruda)
  • targeted therapy of tumors
  • premedication to reduce toxic effects
  • selection and adjustment of chemotherapy protocol
  • genetic analysis for tumor sensitivity to chemotherapy drugs
  • preventive (non-adjuvant) chemotherapy
  • curative (adjuvant) chemotherapy

Palliative oncology care:

  • selection of pain treatment scheme
  • relief of severe symptoms and achievement of the patient’s stable condition
  • palliative surgical interventions and chemotherapy
  • life quality support, active life prolongation
Why do our patients choose us?

Our clinic offers everything to treat cancer at any stage. The surgery department performs operations for mammary, gastric, intestinal, uterine cancer, osteosarcoma and melanoma. We offer treatment of hepatic, pulmonary and bone metastases.

The department of palliative care provides symptomatic treatment of stage IV conditions, including pain alleviation, removal of cancer intoxication, ascites and obstructive jaundice

22 years
the average hospital experience of the clinic’s physicians is 22 years.
the clinic is ready to accept a patient at any time of the day, 7 days a week
0 rubles
the initial oncologist consultation is free

The most dangerous cancer conditions

when hospitalization postponement is fraught with the loss of someone dear

Acute urinary retention exceeding 6-9 hours entails death of kidneys. The main reason may be tumor growth behind the peritoneum or in the small pelvis, a pronounced increase in fluid amount in the abdominal cavity. The causes of acute urinary retention must be established, and it is imperative that surgical correction of this condition is performed.

Acute defecation retention exceeding 3-4 days is usually associated with tumor stenosis leading to disruption of the natural food passage through the intestine, and poisoning of the body with waste products. In most cases, surgery is required, including palliative options with installation of intestinal stents.

Jaundice. Both obstructive jaundice associated with compression of the biliary tract, and parenchymal jaundice caused by liver tissue damage are equally dangerous. Obstructive jaundice can be corrected by installation of stents in the course of X-ray endovascular surgery. An increase in body temperature above 38 °C may be one of the forerunners of the crisis caused by the massive death of tumor cells.

General (cancer) intoxication leads to the patient’s death in the short term due to loss of function of the heart, lungs and kidneys.

An increase in body temperature above 38 °C may be one of the forerunners of the crisis caused by the massive death of tumor cells. It requires extremely attentive attitude;

Abdominal fluid (ascites) is a pathological accumulation of a large volume of fluid in the abdomen due to a peritoneal tumor lesion. The fluid compresses the internal organs, heart, lungs, worsening thereby the already poor condition of the cancer patient.

Thoracic fluid (pleuritis) is a pathological accumulation of fluid in the chest cavity. It leads to rapid compression of the lungs, progressive cardiopulmonary insufficiency and death of the patient.

procedure 1
1. Hotline call
A remote consultation and review of medical documents are provided for free
procedure 2
2. Hospitalization to the clinic
Deposit from 100 thousand RUB Comprehensive examination from 120 to 350 thousand RUB Active therapy
procedure 3
3. Rehabilitation, supportive therapy
5-7-10 day programs from 85 to 130 thousand RUB, once per 3-6 months. Outpatient visits or day inpatient facility, 7-10 cycles every 21 days 25-35 thousand RUB each.
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Do not delay the decision

it might be too late tomorrow

The survival rate of patients diagnosed with oncology, who reacted differently to the diagnosis of cancer, in general, by population (in years). The fundamental difference between those who fought actively, and those who got a chance for healing but did not fight, consists only in one thing: the former ones accepted their diagnosis but did not accept the forecast and fought to the end.

I 25 10 5 2,5
II 10 5 3 1,5
III 5 3 1,5 1
IV 2,5 2 1 0,5
  •  Consultation of an oncologist-gynecologist, oncodermatologist, oncourologist, chemotherapist - from 3,200 RUB.
  • Operation for uterine, mammary, intestinal, gastric, liver cancer - from 57,000 RUB.
  • Palliative care for very ill oncology patients - from 12,000 RUB/day.
  • Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy - from 9,600 RUB.
  • Hospitalization 24/7. Transportation by ambulance team - from 10,300 RUB.
  • Free initial oncologist consultation! - 0 RUB.

Cancer center in Moscow

It is well known that in Moscow, a cancer center means an advanced medical institution combining most complex clinical practice with active scientific research. This high standard was once set by the Russian Cancer Research Center, and for many it cannot be achieved if they confine themselves only to selection of qualified staff for the clinic.

What a cancer center should be like?

Only experienced physicians should work in a cancer center. However, practical experience alone is not enough. Oncologists, like no other specialists, base their daily therapeutic and diagnostic activities on clinical studies. Without knowledge of scientific literature and constant training at conferences and symposiums, advanced training courses and at the workplace in foreign clinics, it is impossible to work in a cancer center.

Without mathematical accounting of the results of surgical and radiation treatment of thousands of patients and analysis of the effectiveness of millions of chemotherapy cycles, it is impossible to select the optimal treatment for an individual cancer patient.

A modern cancer center cannot exist without statistics and mathematical calculations, without an analysis of what has been done, and its physicians are simply obliged to publish scientific articles.

To ensure a correct clinical choice, complex diagnostic studies are needed that can be performed only on modern high-precision equipment, which is usually extremely expensive and difficult to operate.

Cancer center physicians

Of course, all our physicians are oncologists, but each of them has a “dedicated” area which the expert, knowing everything else that pertains to oncology, has mastered the best.

Our oncology surgeons not only know how to operate all known malignant tumors, provided that operations in oncology can be very extensive or, on the contrary, masterly fine, but they know all the features of one given anatomical system, for example,  gynecological or urological, abdominal or thoracic.

An abdominal oncology surgeon and oncourolologist will do everything to preserve the functional capabilities of the organism as much as possible. Our oncomammologists and oncogynecologists will save you from cancer and, if you so desire, will restore the lost female attractiveness.

A chemotherapist is a specialist with the broadest clinical and scientific views, who needs absolute knowledge in what situations the patient can be helped by surgery or radiation, and has a huge number of anti-tumor drugs as pharmacological domain.

Do not repine that the cancer center provides only paid services, the main question is  who pays for medical care. The state also pays oncologic dispensaries and hospitals, though it is a small price, so it is impossible to save patients from the queues for hospitalization and the lack of quality drugs, to give them the attention of a doctor.

What are the prerequisites to apply to the Clinic’s  cancer center?

You can visit an oncologist of a public medical institution only by referral issued by physician of a polyclinic or an inpatient facility, you can come to us with any problem or only with a suspicion of trouble.

  • We will help if your previously scheduled treatment has been stopped under the pretext of bad examination findings, changes in the status of the neoplasm, the lack of the expert, or examination insufficiency.
  • We await you when treatment in an oncological inpatient facility became unavailable due to a long queue, or it is impossible to be examined at the right time.
  • We will deal with the adequacy of treatment refusal and its ineffectiveness.
  • We will find the best ways to treat severe chemotherapy complications and restore your strength to continue living.
  • We will engage renowned experts whose opinion will help to objectively assess the correctness of recommendations of regional specialists and consultants of federal cancer centers.
  • You can be sure that the doctors of our clinic will do everything possible to improve your condition.

Prices for treatment at the cancer center

The cost of treatment in a private clinic is compared with free medical care provided in public medical institutions under CHI. It would seem that private facilities definitely lose, but this is an incorrect premise, because the quality of medical services and the results of treatment as such vary greatly, even without taking into account the comfort of staying.

You know for what and how much you pay by the price list, and the main thing is that you get help when you need it and to the extent that is best for your illness. A consultation of the Clinic’s oncologist does not seem cheap, but everything that happens there is not at all like a standard visit to a regular clinic. However, a preliminary absentee consulting is always free.

Your past experience will tell you what has not been done in the oncologic dispensary, and if the attention of the cancer center staff to detail would seem redundant, know that you are simply not used to the correct therapeutic cooperation and optimal interaction.

What can be done at the cancer center?

Our patients have access to the full range of modern and high-tech examinations, from any laboratory tests, CT/MRI, all types of endoscopy and ultrasound, down to the program of integrated radiation imaging by organ systems.

We perform all kinds of radical and benign laparoscopic surgical interventions, including exclusive methods of treating hepatic metastases and endoprosthetics for bone tumors.

We offer any chemotherapy and palliative care, including stay in a hospice.

In a word, all known solid tumors are treated in the cancer center with advanced methods, with symptomatic and palliative therapy so that our patients could live better and longer.
If you value the time of transient life, and things important to you are not only comfort but also correct diagnostics with optimal treatment, you should know that registration at the Clinic’s cancer center is available around the clock, our phone is +7 (495) 230-00-01.

Request a call back and our specialists will promptly contact you!
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