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Clinic Medicine 24/7 on Avtozavodskaya str.

You will find comprehensive information about medical services that are being provided by polyclinic and inpatient departments of the facility on the official web site of Clinic Medicine 24/7.

Priority directions of activity of medical center Medicine 24/7 are:

  • Operative intervention, including minimally invasive ones, in the following directions: abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, oncosurgery;
  • Palliative medical care for patients with oncological and neurological diagnoses, including emergency medical assistance within reanimation and intensive therapy department;
  • Integrated treatment of oncological diseases of all etiologies: selection, correction and conduct of chemotherapeutic plans, surgical interventions, radiation and chemoradiation therapy, rehabilitation of oncological patients.

Avtozavodskaya Str. 16, Bld. 2, Moscow, 115280, Russia

Working hours:

Policlinic: from 8:00 to 21:00

Inpatient facility, hospitalization, emergency medical services: 24/7
+7 (495) 151-14-47


Regarding arrangement of medical treatment: cc@medica24.ru
VIP-service: vip@medica24.ru
Regarding common questions: info@medica24.ru
For media sources: PR@medica24.ru
For partners (insurance companies, healthcare facilities, medical staff): partners@medica24.ru
Chief Doctor: Serebrianskii Oleg Iurevich. Visiting hours: by appointment

For complaints and appeals: Deputy Chief Doctor in Clinical Expert Work (CEW) Pashkov Oleg Vitalevich pashkov@medica24.ru, phone: +7 495 230 00 01 ext. 788

Location for our clinic was not chosen randomly. It is so important to save each minute in a megapolis, to not waste them on resolving transport issues. The clinic is within walking distance from the subway station «Avtozavodskaya».

We have chosen a comfortable location in the geographical center of Moscow, where the third transport ring connects the Southern, Southwestern and Southeastern Administrative Divisions.

It is easy to reach us both by car and by public transport.

How to reach the subway?

Subway station «Avtozavodskaya», first carriage from the center is an exit to the «ZiL» platform, towards «Avtozavodskaya» street.

Next you turn left and along the «Avtozavodskaya» street and the row of houses you pass approximately 100m to the traffic light. Cross along the garden square to the other side towards the Southern Division Prefecture and go further along in the direction of the Third Transport Ring for approximately 150m more.

Next, at the Third Ring turn right and walk approximately 250m along the «All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute» building, Student Engagement Center of MAMI, as well as Institute of Continuing Education of MGShU.

Right in front of you will be a hi-tech-style building made of glass. Signs «Inpatient facility. Medicine 24/7» glow 24/7 on it, and there is also an electrocardiogram running.

You’ve reached the destination. We will be glad to help!

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Vehicular passage to Medicine 24/7 on a personal vehicle

The building of Medicine 24/7 is located exactly in the first row of houses on the Third Transport Ring, near the «Riviera» mall, and on the opposite side of TTR from «VTB» Ice Hall, Hockey Hall of Fame and Water Sports Palace. You can always park your personal car next to the clinic.

Our clinic is easy to reach from 4 directions. We have outfitted each of these routes with photos so that You could reach us easier and faster, with minimum set-backs. Each route is not busy most of the time and there is almost no traffic lights.

From Kremlin, with little to no traffic lights, moving in the straight line along the main road, drive along the Kremlin Embankment towards Kotelnicheskaya skyscraper, then along the Kotelnicheskaya Kotelnicheskaya, under Taganskii Bridge, past the Novospassky Monastery, under Novospassky Bridge, then along Krutitskaya Embankment. Then Krutitskaya Embankment merges into Vostochnaya street, by which you drive past the «ZiL» Culture Center and «Global Mall» Shopping complex. At the traffic light near the crossing of Leninskaya Sloboda street turn right and along the trade center «Hoff» and past the «OMEGA Plaza» business-center you drive to TTR. Here turn right and after 100m you will be near the Clinic.[/tab]

You’ve reached the destination. We will be glad to help!

Limited Liability Company Medicine 24/7.

TIN: 7725275735
RRC: 772501001
OGRN: 1157746502044

Information about founders is freely available at FTS

Executive body of the clinic: Director General

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